Brackenheath’s Microwave sensor is pre-factory set, providing significant operational cost savings due to extremely simple installation. The active motion detector with HF system 5.8GHz can detect through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials. By selecting a combination on the DIP switches, sensor data can be precisely set for each specific application.

Microwave sensor settings:

  • Microwave sensor pre-set sensor: 100%/ Holdi ttime 3 mins/ 100 Lux
  • Sensitivity adjustable from 10% to 100%
  • Time adjustable from 5 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Lux adjustable from 50 lux to 200 lux with a disable option
  • Supplied with 2m of power flex
  • Detection Zone (D x H): 16m x 15m
  • Bracket available (N9200- Sold seperately*)



  • Indoor Use


Product Code Product Description Suitable for
N9200 Microwave Sensor Bracket All Linear LowBays
N9102 Plug & Play Microwave sensor All Linear LowBays
I4000B Short Length Weatherproof Connector All Linear LowBays