Case Studies

Valley Wholesale Carpets

Valley wholesale carpets were looking for an efficient but cost effective way to light the warehouse at their head office quarters in Kent.

The lighting needed to be super bright daylight colour temperature and exhume a significant lumen output in order to cover every inch of the warehouse. 


Lion Yard Shopping Centre

When it came to upgrading the canopy lighting in the ‘Lion Yard’ shopping centre Cambridge there was only one possibility, the ispot® LED driverless floodlight. The ispot® was chosen because of its unique, ultra thin stylish design and impressive light output. The ispot® incorporates innovative high voltage LED chips. These high voltage LED chips mean the ispot® doesn't require a driver therefore reducing the level of heat generated whilst increasing efficiency and reliability.

Murco Petrol Station

Murco Petroleum is a UK based oil refining company which has a network of over 450 petrol filling stations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Murco are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, and as such have created an initiative to retrofit a number of petrol filling station canopy lights with energy efficient LED lighting.