Why Fire Rated Downlights must be used

In accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document B (Fire Safety), it is necessary that to inhibit the spread of fire within the building, the internal linings (walls & ceilings) shall adequately resist the spread of flames over the surface.

When fitted, recessed downlights effectively become part of the internal lining so they must not affect the fire resistance of the ceiling. 

When installing Fireshield Fire Rated Downlights, you allow the building construction to comply with Part B - Fire safety of the Buildings Regulations, whether a 30, 60 or 90-minute fire barrier is required.

Fireshield Fire Rated Downlights have seals preventing air movement through the light fitting, which help reduce condensation building up. These seals also help reduce airborne and impact sounds, allowing the building to comply with Building Regulation Part E – Resistance to the passage of Sound.

All in all, the new Fireshield fire rated downlights allow the installation to comply with the latest versions of the Building Regulations, and with fittings available in fixed, tilt and IP65 shower versions, in three finishes of white, chrome and satin chrome, all installations will look stylish whilst still functional.