At Brackenheath, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of LED lighting technology, through innovative design and knowledge we have established the ‘Highly Commended’ ispot® Driverless Floodlight.

The ispot® is widely known as the most advanced LED floodlight within the lighting market, and incorporates innovative high voltage LED Nichia chips. These high voltage LED chips mean the ispot® does not require a driver, reducing the level of heat generated whilst increasing efficiency and reliability.

To preserve our place in this continually growing market we have worked intensely to develop the ispot® Driverless Floodlight range further. We are now able to offer a full range of eco-friendly driverless products.

The ispot® Driverless Series is now not only a range of incomparable driverless floodlights but now introduces a full range of ispot® Driverless Bulkheads and ispot® Desk Lamps and accessories. This range of remarkable new products follow the same skilled design and capability of the ispot® Driverless Floodlight but add a renewed attitude to the range.

Most recently Brackenheath have extended the ispot® Floodlight range to introduce the ispot® SE. The ispot® SE is as aesthetically pleasing as the premium ispots but also offers its own individual features including rear cable entry and a matte black finish.