Often task lighting refers to increasing illuminance to better accomplish a
specific activity. However, the illuminance level is not the only factor governing
visibility. Contrast is also important, and a poorly positioned light source may
cause contrast reduction, resulting in loss of visibility.

Therefore, it can be argued that the most important purpose of task lighting
is not increasing illuminance, but improving contrast. Because task lighting
provides focused light where needed, general lighting can be reduced.
The new range of Briticent task lights have been designed with the above
definition in mind. The ‘Cobra’ task lights can be angled as appropriate to allow
for a dedicated positioning of light.

The Cobra task lights are available in single or twin head options to allow for
increased light output where necessary. The ability to fold the task lights down
means they are ideal for mobility and storage purposes. The Cobra task lights
are available in a yellow 110V version or a green rechargeable version allowing
for various applications and uses.