Following Briticent's continuous design and development in
LED technology we are now able
to offer the LED tube+.

The reinvented LED tube+ is designed
for use with 110V and 230V applications

• The LED tube+ has a wide
voltage range (100-240V)
• Ideal replacement for existing
fluorescent lighting systems
• Pre-wired weatherproof luminaires are
available for quick and easy installation.
• The tube+ is ideal for industrial, site,
commercial and leisure applications.

The Briticent tube+ LED emergency tube is a unique LED
tube that will operate under normal and emergency lighting
conditions. The tube+ incorporates both the LED driver
and emergency battery pack within the tube, so there is
no requirement for additional equipment to be installed.
The tube+ LED emergency tube intelligently detects the
difference between power failure and deliberately switching
off the lighting by utilizing a two switch system.

• The unique LED tube+ emergency has
inbuilt batteries and intelligent operation
• The tube+ emergency is suitable to replace T8 fluorescent
lamps in existing luminaires, or can
be used with the Briticent LED ready luminaire.
• The tube+ lighting application can be switched off at
the end of the working day by employing the two switch

1. Switch the power off to activate the emergency function
2. Switch the power back on to reinstate normal lighting
3. Immediately switch the power back off
(within 3 seconds) to switch off the lighting. The lighting
will then remain off until power is restored the next time
lighting is required.